A Scot for all Time

Meet your next book boyfriend! Swoon-worthy heroes and feisty heroines.

Kate Adams should have known better than to surprise her boyfriend on the Isle of Skye. Yet here she was, watching Angus charm everyone around him. As she took a step forward, someone tapped a knife against their glass and the next thing she knew, her boyfriend was beaming next to his new fiancée, ring sparkling in the light streaming through the windows.

Devastated, she seeks solace in a cemetery where she wishes for true love. To her surprise, she wakes to find herself in the year of Our Lord 1689 where she meets a man named Connor MacLeod. Struggling to understand how she traveled through time, Kate must navigate her new surroundings while figuring out how to fit in during a time of tremendous upheaval.

If only she hadn’t paid so much attention during the tour of the island, for she knows what is coming. Can she change history? Or does destiny have other plans for Kate and Connor?

A Scot for all Time is the first book in the Scots Through Time time travel romance series featuring swoon-worthy Highlanders, strong heroines, stunning scenery, and lush historical details. Fall through time and fall in love with this enchanting series.


Coming May 28th, 2023!

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Audiobook coming late 2023