A Scot for all Time

Kate Adams couldn’t wait to surprise her boyfriend on the Isle of Skye. After all, Angus was always telling her she wasn’t spontaneous enough, so here she was, doing a bit of sightseeing before going to his family’s big event at their distillery.

Wandering the ruins of an old castle, Kate finds herself in a cemetery where she impulsively makes a wish for true love. To her dismay, she finds herself in seventeenth century Scotland, where she meets Connor MacLeod. Somehow she has to figure out how she fell through time all while navigating her new surroundings and trying to fit in during a time of tremendous upheaval.

A Scot for all Time is the first book in the Scots Through Time time travel romance series featuring swoon-worthy Highlanders, strong heroines, stunning scenery, and lush historical details. Fall through time and fall in love with this enchanting series.


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