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A runaway bride gets more than she bargained for when she finds herself stranded at the beach working for the town hermit. 

Never Let Them See You Cry.
Rose Collier refused to let them see her crumble as she sprinted across the lobby, the big white dress billowing out of the convertible as she fled. In a daze, she left the city behind, only stopping for necessities, until she found herself staring at the ocean, inhaling deep lungfuls of clean salty sea air. The vintage car sputtered and died as she coasted into Magnolia Beach.

Alex Parrish had it all.
Money, women, model looks, and fast cars. Until the accident. Then his uncle stole his trust fund. Now he’s broke, disfigured, and ill-tempered, not to mention he doesn’t have a single employable skill.

Sparks Fly.
Certain she’s in no danger of falling for another entitled rich guy, Rose takes a position cleaning for the town hermit. She needs time to heal, to figure out what comes next. Alex doesn’t know who he is without his money and his looks, but going by the new housekeeper’s reaction, he’ll never set foot in public again. He’s fired every other housekeeper in three towns so he’s stuck with the beguiling Rose.

Love Blooms.
As Alex spends more and more time with Rose, he falls head over heels in love for the first time in his miserable life. Too bad she’s made it clear there could never be anything between them other than friendship.




Amanda Smith doesn’t have time for marriage. She loves her career in the big city, the excitement, and the opportunities for advancement. So what if she never has time to date, she’s perfectly happy without a man in her life.

Coming Home.
But when her grandmother passes away, her only remaining family in all the world, the news turns Amanda’s world upside down. Not to mention the little bit in the will where gram got the last laugh. Amanda has one month to get married or she won’t inherit Shell Cottage.

Broken Hearts.
Chase Harrison has always called Magnolia beach home. He thought his life was perfect, until a customer set his boat on fire. Now Chasing the Big One Charters is in serious trouble. Without an infusion of cash, Chase will have to give up his dream for good. And just when he thought things couldn’t get any worse, he finds out the woman who broke his heart all those years ago is back in town.

Second Chances.
Amanda has no intention of letting Chase back into her life. She’ll find another guy to marry. After all, it’s only for a year. Nothing more than a business arrangement. There’s no way she’ll risk Chase breaking her heart all over again.




Christy Evans is tired of being judged by her looks. Escaping to a sleepy beach town, Christy decides it’s time to get serious. She wants someone to love her for who she is, not what she looks like. If she can change her looks maybe she can find one of the good guys the songs on the radio are always singing about.

Secrets never stay secret in a small town.
Dalton James gave up on love after his shallow ex took everything and left without a word. Tired of secrets and lies, Dalton knows his annoying next door neighbor is hiding something big. So no matter how kind she is to everyone, he doesn’t want anything to do with her.

Sparks fly.
When secrets come to light and everything falls apart, Christy knows she’ll never have the happily-ever-after she wants more than anything. Or will she?

This book is a full-length clean/sweet contemporary beach romance along the lines of your favorite Hallmark movie.

Run away to Magnolia Beach and curl up with these light-hearted clean romances that will leave you with a smile. Each book in the series can be read as a standalone complete with a swoon worthy happily-ever-after ending!



Former Strawberry Queen Humiliated.
When her picture-perfect life comes crashing down, Elizabeth Charles is out of options. After the local news drops the bombshell that her husband was unfaithful, the former strawberry queen, three years running, packs her bags, tail between her legs and heads home to the one place she swore she’d never return…Magnolia Beach.

News, Especially Juicy News, Travels Fast.
Everyone in the small town where she grew up knows exactly how her husband died. And of course, the one person she wants to avoid is the one person she keeps running into…technically Lizzie ran over Colton but in her defense she was a bit distracted by the events of the past few months.

Cars Crash, Sparks Fly, And The Possibility of Second Chances.
Colton James never forgot Elizabeth or the dent she left in his skull before she hightailed it out of town. Now that she’s back, he’s not letting her go, no matter what happened all those years ago.

Run away to Magnolia Beach and curl up with these light-hearted romances that will leave you with a smile. Each book in this fun small town romance series can be read as a standalone complete with a swoon worthy happily-ever-after ending.



When the town golden boy falls in love with a girl from the wrong side of the tracks, sparks fly. Liam was the perfect son, always going along with what his parents wanted, even when it cost him his first love. Olivia never stopped loving Liam, even after he smashed her heart to bits.

Olivia fell in love with Liam when he helped her pass high school chemistry. But when he goes off to college, leaving her behind and breaking her heart after a fateful night, she knows she’ll never be the same.

Liam didn’t plan on getting engaged. But what Victoria wants, Victoria gets. There’s only one problem… Liam’s already married. Now Liam’s back in Magnolia Beach with divorce papers for Olivia to sign. Only no one told Liam that Olivia’s moved on or that she has a daughter with his eyes.

Run away to Magnolia Beach and curl up with these light-hearted romances that will leave you with a smile. Each book in this small town romance series can be read as a standalone complete with a swoon worthy happily ever after ending. 



Books in the Magnolia Beach Series:
Book 1: Runaway Bride
Book 2: Married by Monday
Book 3: You and Me Forever
Book 4: Second Chances
Book 5: Marry Me
Book 6: Magnolia Christmas

Snow for Christmas in Magnolia Beach? What could be better? This heartwarming holiday tale is a reminder that the true spirit of Christmas is about love, family, and the power of second chances.

In the charming small town of Magnolia Beach, Ryan Forrester stumbles upon a teenage runaway in need of help. As Ryan helps Mia figure out what makes a family and what it means to belong, he discovers a long-lost sense of purpose and hope. Meanwhile, shy but determined Kasey, a new resident in town, falls even harder for Ryan as she watches him open his heart to Mia. Everyone in town is talking about the once in a century approaching snowstorm. There might actually be a white Christmas here in Magnolia Beach. And if that weren’t enough, a developer is sniffing around town, threatening to tear down several shops and change Magnolia Beach forever.

As they all learn the true meaning of family and finding love in the most unexpected places, they discover that sometimes the greatest gifts are the ones you least expect in this heartwarming holiday tale.

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The first three books in the series are now available in a convenient set.